Bubble Gum!
2st year's Master’s degree project - Rubika - 9 Month

Student Project of video game creation.

Bubble Gum! is an arcade game for the Nintendo Switch where we play a high school student making tricks with her BMX in a city inspired by 90’s.

Period : October 2018 - June 2019
Team : 3 Game Designers - 2 Artists - 1 Programmer
Language : C#
Tool : Unity
Platform : PC (Windows, OSX, Linux) but thinking for the Nintendo Switch
Project image


Play as Zoey, the Palm Coast High School legend and prove to everyone that you're in control of your BMX by making the maximum of points in the time limit. But be carefull, your teacher doesn't see in that way...

In Bubble Gum! you can also play in two other gamemodes. A racing mode in a circuit in the Ohoko city and a multiplayer mode where you will able to test your synchronicity with your partner.


Loïc Anquez : Lead Game Designer/Creative Director
Théo Nottez : Producer/Sound Designer
Augustin Potelle : Level Designer

Marie Koller : 3D Artist
Matthieu Picard : Concept & Character Artist

Bastien Lepesant : Programmer



The game can be download on itch.io : https://eresia.itch.io/bubble-gum


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