I'm a young French developer with a passion for computer science like video games, artificial intelligence or robotics. I chose an education curiculum which can provide me with a better expertise in these areas, while being involved in interesting internships & work and made personal projects to develop various skills.

I have completed a Bachelor Degree at the University of Cergy Pontoise (near Paris) and a first year in Master’s degree in Intelligent Systems and Communication.

I have also completed a Master’s degree in Game Programming SupinfoGame Rubika in Valenciennes (FRANCE).

This website allows me to share with you somes projects that I made and give you details of my experiences with my my resume and my Github.

Bubble Gum!
Bubble Gum! is an arcade game for the Nintendo Switch where we play a high school student making tricks with her BMX in a city inspired by 90’s. The game was develop with Unity by 6 students.
Project image
Harpooneers is a project of Twin Stick shooter/Boss rush. It was realized within a team of ten students during an intensive double week in Rubika.
Project image
Evening in a session based game aiming at giving a relaxing moment to the player.
Project image
Procedural generation of creatures and learning of survival in unknown environment.
Project image