Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
Game developed by Kylotonn

An open world driving and lifestyle experience taking place in Hong Kong Island, built at 1:1 scale. Grab your keys and live your life of luxury. Remember, social status is everything in the world of TDU.

Period : Septembre 2019 - Today
Team : ~100 developers
Language : C++
Tool : KT Engine
Project image

Project currently under development at Kylotonn and under NDA.

In the course of my work on the project, I've had to work on everything to do with traffic AI, spawn management, adjustable density according to neighborhoods, taking players and blockages into account, signaling and behavior rules, network synchronization and optimization, etc...

I've also developed many tools for designers to give them greater control over roads, races and AIs, including the ability for the latter to take charge of the entire road network, the automation of traffic rules requested by Level Designers to make player movement smoother and easier, real-time visualization and statistics of density according to roads and neighborhoods, spawn locations and the entire road network.

Link to Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1249970/Test_Drive_Unlimited_Solar_Crown/