A non-exhaustive list of student and professional projects I could realised, alone or in groups.

Languages : C#, Compute Shader
Tool : Unity

Harpooneers is a project of Twin Stick shooter/Boss rush. It was realized within a team of ten students during an intensive double week in Rubika.

Project image
Language : C#
Tool : Unity

Student Project of video game creation.

Evening is a relaxing game for PC based on daily sessions and taking place on top of a mountain.

Project image
Language : C++
Tools : Neural network, Genetic algorithm, Multithreading, Allegro graphic library

Procedural generation of creatures and learning of survival in unknown environment. The artificial intelligence part of the creatures aims to learn survival and based on the fusion of a neural network and genetic algorithms.

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Internship in Partnering Robotics
Languages : C, Javascript
Tools : Mesh networks, NodeJS
  • Study of hardware and software system of decentralised wireless network for robot Diya One
  • State of the art of mesh networks and applications to the company's network.
  • Implementations of Wifi flow measurements with Nodejs
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Languages : C, Python
Tools : Mesh networks, GeoIP, MP3 Codex

A hardware and software solution for streaming an audio program like podcast, in live and decentralized without any technical configuration or prerequisites other than a standard home internet connection.

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Network project
Language : C
Tools : UDP Client-Server, Multithreading, SDL graphic library
  • 2D Minecraft-Like Game.
  • The server emule a permanent world in which players can connect and disconnect.
  • Possibility to save inventories and the world.
  • Functional chat.
  • Put in front of the robustness and efficiency of the network protocol.
Project image
Video tracking
Language : C
Tool : UPMC image processing library
  • Follow-up of people in a video color by image processing.
  • Recognition of movement.
  • Labelling
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