Internship in Partnering Robotics
Third year's Internship of Bachelor’s degree – Partnering Robotics – 4 Month
  • Study of hardware and software system of decentralised wireless network for robot Diya One
  • State of the art of mesh networks and applications to the company's network.
  • Implementations of Wifi flow measurements with Nodejs
Period : May-August 2016
Team : Alone, integration into the company
Languages : C, Javascript
Tools : Mesh networks, NodeJS
Platform : Diya One (Robot running under Linux)
Project image


On my arrival in the company, the management of communication between the robots and the server that manages them was centralized on a single network on which were connected the docks of robots:

However, we needed a communication less dependent on the locations of the robots' docks. We wanted each robot to be able to communicate and to share information to each other. So I looked at the feasibility of setting up a mesh network within the company for communication between robots. The goal was to achieve this Diagram:

At the end of, I managed to set up this network in addition to that centralized company (so as not to disturb the work of the other teams) and obtained good results on performances and efficiency of this network.