1st year's Master’s degree project - Rubika - 5 Month

Student Project of video game creation.

Evening is a relaxing game for PC based on daily sessions and taking place on top of a mountain.

Period : October 2017 - February 2018
Team : 4 Game Designers - 1 Developer
Language : C#
Tool : Unity
Platform : PC (Windows, OSX, Linux)
Project image


The game takes place in a small diorama. The player can interact with the environment: observe a small butterfly, play with the snow, cut tree to improve his log-cabin. At the end of the session, he can fill a personalized journal. The game invite the player to come back every day for have a relaxing experience.


Loïc Anquez : Game Design/Lead Vision
Clarisse Blondy : Game Design/Producing/Graph
Benoît Cassin : Level Design/Graph
Bastien Lepesant : Programmer
Loïc Tolinos : Game Design/Narrative Design


Exterior view Cabin View Diary View