1st year's Master’s degree project – University of Cergy Pontoise – 6 Month

A hardware and software solution for streaming an audio program like podcast, in live and decentralized without any technical configuration or prerequisites other than a standard home internet connection.

Period : January-June 2017
Team : 4 Developer
Languages : C, Python
Tools : Mesh networks, GeoIP, MP3 Codex
Platform : PC (Windows, OSX, Linux)
Project image


The broadcast of live content explodes on the Internet: radios, videos... However, we remain very often linked to a platform or a proprietary service, for two reasons:

  • Live broadcast requires a fairly high initial connection quality, which limits users not having a fairly strong connection,
  • The establishment of solid systems remains complex, as it involves problems of scaling up and resistance to instability.

We are also faced several disadvantages, especially in terms of ownership of content, and our freedom to share what we want.

The aim of this project was therefore to create a prototype allowing us to respond to these problems with an independent system, while offering a quality service, thanks to a diffusion that operates peer-to-peer.


We have managed to get a solution that allows a broadcaster to share its live broadcast to many listeners, without necessarily having a large network infrastructure, thanks to the distributed distribution between the listeners. For the sake of time, we have limited ourselves to a local network with no security issues.