Network project
3th year's Bachelor’s degree project – University ofCergy Pontoise – 1 Month
  • 2D Minecraft-Like Game.
  • The server emule a permanent world in which players can connect and disconnect.
  • Possibility to save inventories and the world.
  • Functional chat.
  • Put in front of the robustness and efficiency of the network protocol.
Period : December 2015
Team : 6 Developers
Language : C
Tools : UDP Client-Server, Multithreading, SDL graphic library
Platform : PC (Linux)
Project image


The objective was to achieve a network from scratch game with for constraint a server in C language. We chose to leave on a persistent world of type "Minecraft-like" with the possibility to save each player's inventory, as well as the world. Each player has its own permissions and they can communicate with each other through a cat. The robustness and efficiency of the network protocol were the key points of this project.


The sources of this project can be found on my Github at