1st year's Master’s degree project - Rubika - 2 Weeks

Harpooneers is a project of Twin Stick shooter/Boss rush. It was realized within a team of ten students during an intensive double week in Rubika.

Period : March 2018
Team : 4 Game Designers - 4 Artists - 2 Developers
Languages : C#, Compute Shader
Tool : Unity
Platform : PC (Windows, OSX, Linux)
Project image


Harpooneers is a 2 to 4 players cooperative game in all of you are piloting a whale-fishing boat. But you will soon realize that the whale is not so innocent and will strike back. And if unfortunately you manage to finally surpass it, you will discover that your ordeal is just beginning...

Personal Production

In this project, I focused on two main aspects: the creation of a physic sea and in accordance with our design and the development of AI architecture of the boss.

Physic Sea

In our project the sea has quickly become a central feature in the gameplay of the game. So we made the decision to remove a part of Unity physic So we needed a surface that could accept different types of waves, able to interpolate between them and affect the movements of floating objects. I used Compute Shaders to calculate the different heights and normals at each point of the sea and then transmit them to the graphic shader.

This is a rendering when this shader is applied to a plane :

In Game


I worked on general architecture of the boss AI. For this I used the State Machine Behaviours of Unity to have a visual and easily understandable interface by Game designers.

Each pattern of the boss is represented by a state. All these states are connected to a "Chooser" state. It will choose the next pattern to perform according to the state of the boss (eg: Remaining life). After that we put on hold until this one call back an "end of the pattern" event that makes us go back on the decision maker, etc...

Visual example of a state machine:

State Machine


Game Artists : Anaïs DIQUET - Kevin FANTESINI - Thibault MOITEL- Andréa PENZ

Game Designers : Erwann DEPAEUW - Lucas DEVILLERS - Thibault HUBERT - Antoine LECHEVALLIER

Developers : Loris BERTAUX - Bastien LEPESANT

Executable file & Sources

The executable file and sources of this game can be found at https://github.com/Eresia/Harpooneers/releases/download/v1.0/Harpooneers.zip